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New rules for cloud economy. Start today from 3 cloud-business.

We have prepared icons in 3 colors. And we have named meanings of images that cyan is "blue wave" , magenta is "fireball" , and yellow is "yellow magic". Airplay,Inc.'s mission is to apply cloud-system and realize for various world, by multiplying by these three primary colors.
"Every day is still Day One." This is the words of Jeffrey Preston Bezos, the founder of Everyday, we start a new step with all customers.

Cloud marketing business
Cloud commerce business
Cloud publishing business
Internet commerce business. Ad agency. Planning, development and sales of original products. Internet commerce business(mostly for US). Import and export of goods. Product sales deployment to Amazon web site of the world.

Software Development for iPhone, Android. Promotion business utilizing Facebook and SNS, etc. Product sales expansion into China Alibaba Group.


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